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Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Ltd


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Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Limited Introduction

Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Limited was established since Sep. 1992. Our company address is Rm. 17, 5/F., Yale Industrial Centre, No. 61-63 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T., HK. and China factory locates at Industrial Zone of Shu Tian Pu, Gong Ming, Shenzhen, China. We are a professional to produce the semi-product enterprises. To be professional in plastic moulds making & OEM / ODM plastic products, which are shipped to Japan, Europe and America.

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As a foreign capital enterprise wholly owned by Hong Kong Smart-Info Limited, DevoFast Limited was established in 2008 with registered capital of RMB8 million. DevoFast sells imported wine and liquor, devoted to recommending and providing imported wine and liquor with original packaging to Chinese consumers. The company’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong and its national operation headquarters in Shenzhen supplies goods to the whole country. …

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Thisbe Antiques致力于提供专业细腻的服务,将所有产品交由相关机构进行审慎估价,以及提供高水准的售后服务,我们在澳洲及海外所建立绵密的同业网络可以满足顾客在产品方面的各式需求。我们的线上商店以正确的价格,100% 正品鉴定保证书与出色的顾客服务,获得了不同国家区域顾客的信心。 Thisbe Antiques亦提供珠宝保险与特别调配的珠宝清洁品,让您的首饰每一时刻都可以彰显出您的光芒。


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Wiltech Air Cleaner

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air cleaner

Wiltech Air Cleaner


Wiltech Engineering Co., Ltd. aims at bringing world’s brands air cleaners, air purifiers and water purifiers for the well-beings of you and your family. We are proud of providing superior customer service, from performing air quality assessment to designing and installing the whole-house healthy living and working environment, we believe every customer deserve personal attention from us.


Website Design Demo : OEMEL

OEM Electronics Limited is a well-established ISO9001-2000 certified manufacturer and exporter since 1989 of CD Players, PLL Digital Receivers, Clock Radios, Sound Technology, Radio Control Clocks and LCD Alarm Clocks. As our name implies, we welcome OEM projects…



Website Design Demo | Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited

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Kwan Ngai Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd. began producing own designed car and swim accessories. In 1987, we relocated our manufacturing divison to ShenZhen to take the benefit of massive labor force. Our Hong Kong head office is monitoring the frontline customer services main production and shipment…

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Website Design : Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (YIC) was established in 1989, and officially registered in 1992. Most of the members are the awardees of the annual “Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong" organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, scrutinized and conferred by the judging panel consisting of senior government officials, experienced industrialists and leading academics.

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