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Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Ltd


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Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Limited Introduction

Wing Chun Industrial (HK) Co., Limited was established since Sep. 1992. Our company address is Rm. 17, 5/F., Yale Industrial Centre, No. 61-63 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T., HK. and China factory locates at Industrial Zone of Shu Tian Pu, Gong Ming, Shenzhen, China. We are a professional to produce the semi-product enterprises. To be professional in plastic moulds making & OEM / ODM plastic products, which are shipped to Japan, Europe and America.

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As a foreign capital enterprise wholly owned by Hong Kong Smart-Info Limited, DevoFast Limited was established in 2008 with registered capital of RMB8 million. DevoFast sells imported wine and liquor, devoted to recommending and providing imported wine and liquor with original packaging to Chinese consumers. The company’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong and its national operation headquarters in Shenzhen supplies goods to the whole country. …

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Website Design Demo : OEMEL

OEM Electronics Limited is a well-established ISO9001-2000 certified manufacturer and exporter since 1989 of CD Players, PLL Digital Receivers, Clock Radios, Sound Technology, Radio Control Clocks and LCD Alarm Clocks. As our name implies, we welcome OEM projects…



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Kwan Ngai Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd. began producing own designed car and swim accessories. In 1987, we relocated our manufacturing divison to ShenZhen to take the benefit of massive labor force. Our Hong Kong head office is monitoring the frontline customer services main production and shipment…

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Website Design : Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (YIC) was established in 1989, and officially registered in 1992. Most of the members are the awardees of the annual “Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong" organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, scrutinized and conferred by the judging panel consisting of senior government officials, experienced industrialists and leading academics.

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Natural Beauty 美容中心

Natural Beauty 美容中心 2007



成立於1991年,已有15年歷史,多年來我們把專業知識及技術貢獻給美容界,護理療程深受顧客的支持及認同,曾多間雜誌及週刊前來做專訪,本公司 多年的宗旨{要求嚴謹,維持優質服務}而每位美容師均經過嚴格挑選及訓練,而總公司更經常安排講座,讓他們掌握最新的美容資訊及技術,除此之外,我們對美 容用料要求相當嚴謹,一律採用醫學產品,品質水準相當高,特別{skin-centicals}及(exuviam)更受各大皮膚科醫生.診所,美容院極 力推介,以確保顧客所花的一分一毫都物超所值.

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Grace and Art Gallery : 仁來畫廊


仁來畫廊 Grace and Art Gallery於2008年建立。畫廊的開設源自我們對高水準藝術的支持,對當代藝術家堅守創新突破精神的認同。





Grace and Art Gallery is a dynamic gallery displaying high quality artworks by artists from different areas in Asia.

The collections in Grace and Art all have considerable artistic value and potential in the modern and contemporary Asian art world. Because of the stylish features represented, the passion and year-long insistence invested in pursuing the supreme state in art, artworks in Grace and Art not only show skillful achievements, but they also reveal true beliefs in art and life directly from the heart of the individual artists. Therefore, every collection piece in the gallery is not considered to be merely home and office decoration; they are great pieces worthy of all kinds of appreciation and investment.

Besides, Grace and Art also specialized in artwork sourcing. We provide full services, like advising, consulting and appraising for interested parties who want sell or collect artworks. And in order to maintain quality service, the gallery would only sourcing high taste pieces which are fit with individual collector and corporation’s interests and needs.